Your Guide to Computer RATs

As we all know, rats are very enjoying pests that get on your nerves. All the stupid sickly things seem to do is run around being an absolute nuisance. But, what exactly is a computer RAT and how can you stop them.

RAT stands for ‘Remote Access Trojan’. It is a trojan that allows a hacker to take over your computer. But what exactly does this mean?

A trojan is a type of virus and a virus is a type of malicious software. Malicious software is software that is designed to harm your computer. So a virus works by damaging your computer. But still what is a trojan?

A trojan (short for trojan horse) is a virus that claims to be free legitimate software. However, one you have this ‘software’ installed on your computer, the software damages your computer. Sometimes, a RAT is installed.

A RAT can be used to allow a hacker to remotely gain access to your computer and take control over it. Some hackers will steal your data. However, RATs are mainly a concern if you have a webcam. Hackers can see and record what your webcam sees. This is a huge privacy issue as you will not easily know if somebody is accessing your webcam remotely.

How do I prevent this from happening to me?

Using a reputable anti-virus and firewall software is a measure that you should definitely take. If you need to pay money, just do it! It will be worth every single penny!

What about my webcam?

If you have a desktop computer, I advise that you unplug your webcam when it isn’t in use. This simple stepĀ will notĀ protect your data but it will protect hackers from accessing your webcam.

If you are using a device with a built-in webcam (such as a laptop), cover the webcam with something like a plaster or sticker when it isn’t in use. This is a physical security measure.

I think I have a RAT. HELP ME!!!

Don’t panic! Run your reputable anti-virus software to detect for malware. Most anti-virus software will then remove the malicious software for you! If you are still stuck, take your computer to a repair shop as they should be able to help you out.

I’m wasting my time reading this article because I’m a Mac user and Mac’s don’t get viruses! Am I correct?


Apple are known for the security of their Mac products. Personally, I have a Mac (with no anti-virus) and have never had an issue with security or had a virus. However, every so often, a new piece of malware designed for Mac’s is released. Apple appear to react to this quickly and before long, they publish an update to stop the malware. For this reason, I recommend that you install anti-virus just in case! You simply cannot guarantee that Apple’s pre-installed anti-virus software will work as well as third party software.

DISCLAIMER – Follow my advice at your own risk. I cannot be held responsible for any harm to either you or your computer data even if you follow my advice!

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