Three Ways to Make Money Online as a College Student!

Recently, I have found a couple of ways to generate a small amount of money without leaving my house. And yes, before you ask, you don’t need to be an adult to use these services (however some do require you to be 16  years old).

Really??? Are these methods legit?

Of course they are! I have received a payment from both of these providers so these methods are legit.

DISCLAIMER – Money earned from these websites is classified as an income so you should declare it to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) or your local tax office. I cannot be held responsible to any actions you take if you choose to sign up to any of the services below. 

Let’s go!


Qmee is a service that pays you for searching the internet using your favourite search engine (such as Google or Yahoo). To make this possible, you install a browser plugin. When you search the internet, and if you’re lucky, a green bar will appear along the left hand side. This bar will contain search results. You will either see options with a promo code (giving you a discount) or will see a price next to each result (usually less than 10p). Click on a result with a price label and that amount of money will be put into your Qmee piggybank. Simple!

You can also make money by filling in surveys. These tend to pay more (usually between 20 and 80 pence!). To do this, simply login to the website and click on ‘Surveys’. Surveys tend to take under half an hour each and actually pay more than search results.

Once you have got even the slightest amount of money in your Qmee piggybank, you can withdraw the money. You can either choose to donate the money to charity or (providing that you have a PayPal account) pay the money into your PayPal account. You even can cash out to a gift card (but still need a PayPal account)!


This website allows you to earn points through completing a wide variety of tasks. And when a say variety, I mean a variety!

Swagbucks have their very own search engine that’s powered by Yahoo!. Sometimes (and randomly) you will receive Swagbucks just for using the Swagbucks search engine.

Fancy completing surveys? No problem. Complete a Swagbucks survey and (yes you guessed it) you get Swagbucks.

There are many other ways to earn Swagbucks too such as by watch videos and playing Swagbucks built in games (with what seems like random payouts).

Right then, you’ve got loads of Swagbucks. Now you get to spend them. Swagbucks rewards allows you to trade Swagbucks in for gift vouchers. For example, I traded 800 Swagbucks for a £5 PayPal voucher!


There are two major downsides of both Qmee and Swagbucks. Both platforms use external survey providers who will reject your survey request if either they have enough participants or if you don’t match the criteria (you’re asked some questions at the beginning of each survey such as your average household income).


YouGov are a market research company that gives you points for each survey you complete. The downside of YouGov is that you tend to get just one survey a day. With that said, there are only two things that you can do with the points: spend them when you get 50000 or enter them into the raffle. If you choose to enter them into a raffle (one point = one raffle entry) the prizes range from 1000 points to £2000. If your like me and just want a prize for certain, you can wait until you get 50000. At that point you can trade all those hard earned points into £50. Simple!

YouGov’s main drawback however is that you need A LOT of points to get a payout which will obviously take time. However, if you use the prize draw, you could earn much more (but it is gambling)!

I personally don’t use YouGov very often. I prefer Qmee and Swagbucks but this is purely down to personal preference.

These are the services that I personally use and there are many more out there that I have yet to explore.



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