As lots of you may already be aware, Microsoft has recently announced that the Xbox 360 production line has ceased operation. Did you know that the Xbox 360 is 10 years old?

In other words, Xbox 360 consoles are no longer being made. This means that once they are gone from the shops… they are gone forever.

This change will affect many people who wish to purchase an Xbox 360. The only chance you will have of getting hold of one is through second-hand retailers. However, many people will go out and purchase the latest Xbox console (the Xbox One). Most 360 games are compatible with the Xbox One. Therefore, I believe that these consoles will be sold at places such as secondhand stores (such as Cex), online auction sites (Ebay being the largest) and other places like car boot sales.

However, what if you already own an Xbox 360 console. There is no need to worry as Microsoft have said that they will still support some Xbox 360 services, such as Xbox Live (yes parties and online multiplayer will still be kept available), as Microsoft are keeping the servers that host these services online. Xbox 360 games and accessories will still be sold even when consoles are no longer available to purchase. Xbox 360 hardware will still be supported.

In their blog announcement, Microsoft didn’t mention the apps that are not made by Microsoft (this includes Netflix and YouTube). It is possible that, unfortunately, these services are stopped by their respective owners. I have no evidence whatsoever if this is going to happen or not as this is my personal opinion.

To summarise, the Xbox 360 is no longer being produced. However, Microsoft (very kindly) are still going to support the Xbox 360 and, most importantly to most gamers, Xbox Live services (and possibly others) for many years to come.

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  1. A very interesting article! Does this mean there is an increased urgency for me to purchase an Xbox One for my eldest son?

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