Setting up a website

On this page, you will learn how to setup your very own website(or blog).

First, you need to register a domain name. This is basically your web address. For example, this website’s domain name is Make sure your domain name is easy to read. You can get a domain name from several companies, especially web hosting companies. You pay the registrar (the company you registered your domain with) a fee every year to keep the domain. I got my domain name from 123 reg. The process is simple. Please remember that you need to get permission to use trademarks.

You now need to find a way to host your site. The easiest option is to use a web hosting company like 1&1 or 123 dont have to use the same company you got your domain name from. You might even get a free domain name included with you hosting package. Also, If you know someone who has a web server, you might be able to persuade them to host your website on their server. You might want to make your own server although this isn’t easy.

You now need to design your website. You can use tools that your web host provides you with. You can also buy software such as Serif Web Plus. They might even offer to install WordPress or another content management system. WordPress is easy to use and is probably the best blogging platform out there. You could even code your website yourself. ¬†However, this isn’t easy. You will have to understand HTML and CSS along with other languages to do this.

When setting up WordPress you will be asked to create an administrator username and password. I highly recommend that you DO NOT USE THE USERNAME ADMIN OR ADMINISTRATOR OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT IS OBVIOUS!

If you will be selling products on your website or need to make it more secure, you can get something called an SSL certificate. Basically, an SSL certificate will encrypt all data going to and from the server hosting your site. K cannot explain any further as I have never needed to use SSL encryption.

You can also get a professional to setup your website for you. However, this doesn’t come cheap!

Finally, you need to launch your site. Consult your web host on how to do this or ask whoever’s server you are using how to do it.


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