On Friday, I was watching the Ultra Festival in Miami (streamed to my iPad using Whilst I was listening to the epic music, I decided to make another tune using Garageband. Whilst I was watching the festival, I noticed a MacBook Pro! This amazed me so much that I decided that I should make another song. My music making adventure had continued.

A couple of months ago, I made a song called ‘Confusion’ using Garageband (click here to see the blog post). Confusion hasn’t been listened to very often. This made me even more determined to make another song and to do better this time round!

I then began experimenting with Garageband loops. I basically chose two loops that sounded good. I then added additional loops until, eventually, I had what I thought was a reasonably good song. I adjusted the volume levels of each track. The audio pan function was also used so that (at the songs climax) you have a different loop in each ear AND you can still hear the backing track. Happiness was now apparent.

There was only one thing missing at this point in time… a song name. This was by far the hardest part for me because my imagination and creativity is not very good. In the end, I came up with the name Peaceful because I believe the song is quite relaxing so is peaceful.

The final step was for me to export the song as an mp3 file so that I could publish it onto Soundcloud. See below to see the final product. Like Confusion, this song is protected by copyright.


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