Lightwater valley review

On saturday I went to Lightwater Valley theme park which is in yorkshire.

Lightwater valley is the home of europes longest roller coaster, the Ultimate. The ride is 1.5 miles long! I wnt on the ride once. When you first leave the station you go around the corner and up the first lift hill. When you reach the top there is a big drop! There are then a few tight turns and you are half way there. You go up a second lift hill but this time you drop into the woods. There are lots and lots of tight. The second half is a lot more violent than the first half.

Then we went on twister. This is a ride where your carrige turns as you go around the ride. This was my favourite ride. The ride remindes me of the game Mouse Trap. Once you are at the top of the ride you go around some twists and turns. Your carridge turns a little bit but not that much but it is still scary as you turn violently. The ride then features to drops one which you get your picture taken on. The next level is very similar to the previous but this time you are constantly spinning. There is then a slight drop and you go over this wave type of track and then you are back at the station. Overall twister is brilliant. If you like rides which are thrill rides but aren’t too big, this ride is for you. I went on this ride 3 times!!!

The next ride I went on was Raptor Attack. This is an underground ride. First, you wait in a queue above ground. Only a group of people at a time are taken underground presumably for health and safety reasons. You then wait in a short queue and board your carridge. The ride is quite fast. The best way to describe it is the drop is no bigger than the drop on twister. The ride is always turning except for the lift hill and the drop.

When we were there there was a little bit of a wait. Im not certain why but apparently the ride broke down before we boarded the ride. The people on the ride were evacuated.

There are lots of other rides you can go on at Lightwater valley which I didnt go on incliding a pirate ship that goes upside down.

Overall Lightwater Valley is a fabulous theme park. There is free parking and, on the parks doorstep, a shoppng village. It is very wel looked after an the staff seem nice. It is DEFINIGHTLY worth a visit!!!!

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  1. Thanks for a very clear report. I can imagine being on those rides even though that is the nearest I want to be!

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