My Top Tips to Passing your GCSEs!


25th of August 2016, United Kingdom… GCSE results day. The day when grade boundaries shot up by the greatest amount this century.

Many people were not happy on that very day. Others were simply not. I was a GCSE student in June 2016. Here are my top tips for passing your GCSEs… First time


You MUST revise for exams. No question about it. For example, just imagine how mad you would be if a question about the differences between open source and proprietary software came up on your ICT exam… and you had not revised. It could be the difference between a pass and a fail or an A and an A*.

I personally found that past papers were incredibly useful. At the end of this article, I have listed places that you can go to find past papers. That way, you get used to what type of questions will come up in the exam and will know how to answer them in order to gain the maximum number of marks possible.

Ask for support when you need it

Lots of people may not have got their target grade because they were struggling with a particular topic. There is absolutely no problem with asking for help. Most teachers are actually pleased if you ask them for extra support.

Try your absolute hardest

We all know that one person who puts absolutely no effort into school whatsoever. If that person sounds anything like you, think about this: Would you rather be doing a college course you desperately want to do or would you prefer to not get the grades and be on a course that you REALLY don’t want to be doing? I’d pick the first option if I were you!

Turn up to ALL extra classes on offer to you!

Put simply, if you turn up to every extra class on offer, you have got a better chance of gaining more marks in your exams and/or coursework… than if you don’t turn up at all. Teachers don’t get paid for extra classes especially ones that are out of school time. You might not like all your teachers but they want you to learn and to pass your GCSEs first time. Learn to like them!

The Result…

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate every single person on their GCSE results!

I personally got 2A’s (of course one of those was in ICT!), 3B’s and 2C’s. I also passed my Level 1 ASDAN Award. That’s what I achieved. I was incredibly pleased when I got these results – I didn’t think I would do so well!

One final thing. I could not have done so well without the support from sooo many people around me. Thank you to everyone who helped me throughout my time at both primary school and high school. This includes my parents (and other family members), countless teachers (and teaching assistants!) and, of course, my friends!

Past Papers

Please note that I do not control the websites below. I cannot be held liable whatsoever if you have any issues with any of these websites and/or their content. Thanks.

Click on the exam board you would like to see past papers from.





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