New website!!!

Today, I have launched my second website . It is a site which will guide you on using your Raspberry Pi. It was only launched today so has little information at the moment.


I am still going to update this site regularly.  Please use the hashtag #RPiGuide to help spread the word!

Preston Raspberry Jam

Last night, I attend the Preston Raspberry Jam.  It is an event for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts.  Last night was different. Some people, including me,  had a demonstration of what they had done using there Raspberry Pi.  Everyone went round in groups of three to look at the demonstrations.

I was demonstrating my timelapse I made recently. I will put a video on youtube to tell you how I did it. I was also demonstrating how to remotly control your Raspberry Pi however I could not connect to the internet easily and I could not use port 22. I got asked lots of interesting questions and it was great fun.

There was also refreshments which were all fabulous. I also won an ultrasonic sensor to use with my Raspberry Pi. I will be posting videos onto Youtube about projects I will be doing using it. One idea I have is to make it detect a person when they walk into my room. Their picture will be taken. I will press ctrl c when I walk in to disarm the system.

Overall, I had a fantastic evening and , you did it again Alan, you created another fantastic Raspberry Jam.